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Verbalability questions and answers on Oneword Substitute

Basic english test on Oneword Substitute

1. Altruist.
A. Works for the welfare of others. B. Egoist towards other people.
C. One who is not sure about God. D. One who lives happily.
2. Botanist.
A. One who judge anybody around him. B. One who knows the science of plants.
C. One who hates mankind. D. All.
3. Cannibal.
A. One who eats vegetables. B. One who eats fruits.
C. One who eats fastfood.. D. One who eats human flesh..
4. Diest.
A. One who doesn't believe God. B. One who hates women.
C. One who believes God. D. One who never argue with others.
5. Geologist.
A. One who studies everytime. B. One who lives in forest.
C. One who studies the internal structure of Earth. D. One who studies water molecules..
6. Polyglot.
A. One who knows about polysacharides. B. One who knows about Parrots
C. One who knows about sunrays. D. One who knows several languages.
7. Annuity.
A. Yearly grant. B. Yesterday incident.
C. leap year grant. D. None.
8. Bibliography.
A. Study of Bibble. B. Study of books.
C. The study of writers. D. The study of Mountains.
9. Chronology.
A. Arrangement of events according to time. B. Arrangement of events according to sponser.
C. Arrangement of Chairs for the event. D. None.
10. Domicile.
A. Treating wife as friend. B. Treating wife as enemy.
C. Treating one perticular land as motherland. D. None.
11. Crisis.
A. Turning point of danger. B. Happy movement.
C. Inflamed place. D. Turning point in cinema.
12. Extempore.
A. Short tempered person. B. Person with attitude.
C. Spoken without any preparation.. D. None.
13. Etymology.
A. The study of words. B. The study of environment.
C. The study of Insects.. D. The study of animals.
14. Ornithology.
A. The study of words. B. The study of eagels.
C. The study of Insects.. D. The study of birds.
15. Nomads.
A. Rare stars. B. Female ants.
C. The tribe people who travel to different places for food. D. Rare fish eggs.
16. Agoraphobia.
A. Sleep disorder. B. Anxiety disorder.
C. Frightned evil. D. Laughing disorder.
17. Aglophobia.
A. Afraid of pain. B. Afraid of women.
C. Afraid of  evil. D. Afraid of light
18. Misogamist.
A. One who hates marriage. B. One who hates dogs.
C. One who hates food. D. One who hates vehicals.
19. Coffle.
A. Collection of docters. B. Collection of slaves.
C. Collection of children. D. Collection of movies.
20. Aviary.
A. A place where lions are there. B. A place where crocodiles are kept.
C. A place where flowers are kept. D. A place where birds are kept.