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Verbalability questions and answers on Idioms and Phrases

Basic english test on Idioms and Phrases

1. What is the meaning of once in a bluemoon?
A. Once in a while B. At a small interval
C. At a given time D. Rarely
2. The gift of the gab meaning -------------?
A. Remarkable talent B. Great comic power
C. The great power of speaking D. Great writing power
3. What is the meaning of in the twinkling of an eye?
A. Rarely B. Very rapidly
C. Rare shining D. Slowprocess
4. Equal meaning of "a fair weather friend" is ---------?
A. Common friend for all B. Unknown friend
C. Rare friend D. A friend in good days only
5. A loose talk?
A. A secret conversation B. Thinkless talk
C. A tricky talk D. A group talk
6. To beat black and blue meaning is --------? 
A. To beat heavily B. To kick smoothly
C. Beating rarely D. Romance in the beat
7. Bread and butter?
A. Cheap food B. Costly items
C. Livelihood D. None of these
8. What is the correct meaning of 'In a jiffy'?
A. Slowly. B. Blindly.
C. Forcebly. D. Very quickly.
9. What is the exact meaning of 'Every nook and cranny''?
A. Everywhere. B. Sometimes.
C. Future event. D. Both friends.
10. Find the exact meaning of 'A hard nut to crack''?
A. Illeagal work. B. His/Her bone strength.
C. A difficult job. D. Never giving up man.
11.  'Spick and Span' means ?
A. Easy and Hard. B. Neat and Clean.
C. Tragedy. D. In detail.
12. Which is the similar sentence to  'A snake in the grass'?
A. Best relative. B. Secret friend.
C. A secret foe. D. Big friend.
13. What is the meaning of  'To lick the dust'?
A. To loose the battle. B. Clean the floor.
C. Hygiene and sanitation. D. None.
14. 'With a heavy hand' is -----------?
A. Ruthlessly. B. More muscle hand.
C. Giving hand. D. Infected hand.
15. 'A herculean task' is -----------?
A. Finding task. B. Type of job.
C. Easy task. D. A hard job.
16. Equal meaning of 'Birds of a feather'?
A. Same thinking birds. B. Similar chararacter people.
C. Same weight people. D. Different but not equel.
17. Equal meaning of 'To be at sea'?
A. In a confused state of mind. B. In a josh mood.
C. Rain effected area. D. In a happy mood.
18. Which is the same sentence like 'Blow up'?
A. To clear. B. To listen.
C. To teach. D. To explode.
19. Which is the same sentence like 'To win laurels' in the following list?
A. Shame. B. To observe.
C. To win honour. D. None.
20. What is the same sentence like 'A queer fish' in the following list?
A. A rich friend. B. A strange person.
C. A smily friend. D. Enemy.