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Online exam in mydearstudent website will be more helpful for the students who want to stood first during their academics and during their job.Mydearstudent website is conducting free Online exam for all the students without any fees.All the questions and answers in Mydearstudent website are collected from many important competitive exams conducted in India.We know that offline exam wont give a chance to rectify our mistakes so we suggest every student to participate more in Online exams.We need more resources for Online exam than Offline exam but these resources can be used many times and can be stored.

                                       Now a days Online exam protecting the actual spirit of an Exam,means mass copying,other people writing the exam,getting answer books to the exam hall and so on will be minimised through this Online exam.Even the large exam data can be stored through for longer periods with this Online exam.Most of the Online exams will be conducted to make the students to pick the right answer from the given answers in a given point of time.Online exam not only make every student to practice the subject but also useful to improve their confidence and accuracy in the respective field.

                                                   Mydearstudent website conducts free Online exam from many topics like Aptitude,Reasoning,Gk,Verbalability and Basic computers and so on.We request all the students to write as many exams from Mydearstudent website before the actual exam to enhance their skills and to perform well in their future.
Online exam from Mydearstudent website is a extra feature for all the students who are participating in it.Mydearstudent website staff will collect many important questions and answers regularly to help every student to save their time.