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General knowledge questions and answers on World superlatives

Gk quiz on World superlatives

1. Which is the largest city (in area wise) in the world?
A. London B. Japan
C. Malaysia D. Brazil
2. What is the biggest (in Area wise) country in the world?
A. Pakistan B. Russia
C. Nepal D. New York
3. Which is the first country to charge 'green tax' with a view to protect environment?
A. Japan B. China
C. New Zealand D. Colombia
4. In May, 2004 which is the country in which world's first 'Stem cell Bank' started?
A. Canada B. U.K.
C. India D. Japan
5. In which country world's largest Hindu Temple 'Angkor Vat' is situated?
A. China B. Thailand
C. Cambodia D. None
6. In which country is situated world's tallest minaret Sulthan Hasan Masjid?
A. Israel B. Greenland
C. France D. Egypt
7. In which country, the world's longest (9438 km) 'Trans Siberian Railway' is situated?
A. U.S.A B. Russia
C. Italy D. Iraq
8. Where is first 'Sky City' in Asia being established?
A. Hyderabad B. Chennai
C. Kochi D. Haryana
9. In which country is 'Coniferous forest', which has the largest area, situated?
A. Germany B. Russia
C. Jordan D. Israel
10. In which country is world's highest (1000 feet high) bridge situated?
A. Poland B. Somalia
C. Thailand D. France
11. Where is the World's largest railway station?
C. INDIA D. China
12. How many islands are there in the range of Indonesia, which is having the biggest conglomeration of Islands?
A. 3000 B. 1000
C. 4000 D. 1200
13. Which is the first country to give right to vote for women?
A. Germany  B. New Zealand
C. U.K. D. Russia
14. Which is the world's ancient (Akihito established in 660 B.C.) Kingdom?
A. Pakistan B. India
C. U.S.A. D. Japan
15. In which country is world's biggest agriculture canal 'Llyod barrage' situated?
A. Iran B. Pakistan
C. Jordan D. Somalia
16. World's biggest pure water lake, 'Lake superior' is situated in which country?
A. Canada - USA B. Switzerland
C. Norway D. Mexico
17. According to the report by United nations which is the World's highly populated city?
A. Mumbai B. London
C. Tokyo D. None of these
18. In which Country is the World's tallest water fall, 'Angel water fall' situated?
A. Canada B. Maldives
C. Togo D. Venezuela
19. Where is the World's tallest building?
A. Malaysia B. Dubai
C. Iran D. Jordan
20. Which is the world's biggest Port city?
A. London B. New York
C. Thailand D. France