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General knowledge questions and answers on Symbols

Gk quiz on Symbols

1. Kangaroo is the National emblem of?
A. Australia B. Brazil
C. Colombia D. China
2. Macmohan line is the border between?
A. India and Pakistan B. India and China
C. India and Germany D. India and Russia
3. 'Hibiscus' is the National Flower of?
A. Nepal B. India
C. Malaysia D. U.S.A
4. Tsongdu is the name of Parliament of?
A. Bolivia B. Cambodia
C. Laos D. Bhutan
5. 'Hammer and Sickle' was the National emblem of?
A. Italy B. Japan 
C. Former USSR D. Canada 
6. The Parliament of Bangladesh is known is? 
A. National Parliament B. Jatiya Sansad
C. National Assembly D. National Panchayat
7. 'Riksdag' is the name of the Parliament of?
A. Turkey B. Somalia
C. Sweden D. U.K.
8. Water Lily is the National emblem of?
A. Bangladesh B. Iran
C. Switzerland D. None 
9. 'Shora' is the name of the Parliament of?
A. Iraq B. Japan
C. China D. Afghanistan
10. TASS is the news agency of?
A. Colombia B. Russia
C. Thailand D. Sri Lanka
11. Which country's Parliament has the largest membership?
A. Germany B. Japan
C. China  D. India
12. KLM airlines belongs to?
A. Netherlands B. Spain
C. Mexico D. Hong Kong
13. Sabina airlines belongs to?
A. Iceland B. Belgium
C. Jamaica D. Jordan
14. Which two countries boundary is 'Order Niesse Line' ?
A. France-Thailand B. Iraq-India
C. Germany-Poland D. China-Japan
15. QANTAS airlines belongs to?
A. Australia B. Bangladesh
C. Malaysia D. Russia
16. Reuter is the news agency of?
A. Ethiopia B. Finland
C. Iran D. United Kingdom
17. People's Daily is a newspaper published from?
A. Belgium B. China
C. Cambodia D. None of these
18. Antara is the news agency of?
A. Indonesia B. Vietnam
C. Pakistan D. Kuwait
19. Ceteka is a famous newspaper of?
A. Canada B. Japan
C. Yugoslavia D. Denmark
20. India's National emblem is?
A. Lion B. Cow
C. Lotus flower D. Lioned Capitol