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General knowledge questions and answers on Sports

Gk quiz on Sports

1. India's Position on the basis of Medals in Incheon Asian games in 2014?
A. First B. Second
C. Eighth D. Sixth
2. Who started the ancient Olympic Games?
A. The Greeks B. The Romans
C. The Egyptians D. None of these
3. The term 'Knock Out' is associated with which of the following games?
A. Boxing B. Hockey
C. Baseball D. Table Tennis
4. In which year did the first modern Olympic Games take place?
A. 1897 B. 1896
C. 1876 D. 1901
5. Where were the first modern Olympic Games held?
A. Los Angeles B. Olympia
C. Athens D. Kenya
6. Merdeka Cup is associated with?
A. Chess B. Basketball
C. Badminton D. Football
7. The Summer Olympic Games are normally held at intervals of?
A. 5 years B. 4 years
C. 8 years D. 7 years
8. The term 'Roll-in' is used in?
A. Hockey B. Boxing
C. Polo D. Baseball
9. The background colour of Olympic Flag is?
A. Blue B. Red
C. Green D. White
10. Which of the following games is Davis Cup associated with?
A. Football B. Basketball
C. Handball D. Tennis
11. Which Indian personality has been awarded 'The Olympic Order' in 1983?
A. Indira Gandhi B. Sonia Gandhi
C. jawaharlal Nehru D. None of these
12. When did the first Commonwealth Games take place?
A. 1934 B. 1930
C. 1954 D. 1923
13. Swaythling Cup is associated with?
A. Hockey B. Boxing
C. Table Tennis D. Polo
14. Which coloured ring represents the Asian Continent in the Olympics Emblem?
A. Silver B. Gray
C. Yellow D. Pink
15. The Olympic Motto 'Citius, Altius, Fortius' have been taken from which language?
A. Latin B. Greek
C. Spanish D. French
16. The term 'Steeplechase' is associated with?
A. Rowing B. Horse Racing
C. Chess D. Golf
17. Where were the first commonwealth Games held?
A. Kenya B. Los Angeles
C. Canada D. None
18. Asian Games have been organised in India?
A. Four Times B. Five Times
C. Once D. Twice
19. Wankhede Stadium is situated in?
A. Mumbai B. Hyderabad
C. Delhi D. Chennai
20. How many players are there in each side in a Basketball match?
A. 7 B. 5
C. 11 D. 9
21. What can be the maximum length of a cricket bat?
A. 38 B. 36
C. 32 D. 34
22. The term 'Butterfly' Stroke in sports is associated with?
A. Rowing B. Horse Racing
C. Swimming D. None
23. What is the duration of International Hockey Match?
A. 60 minutes B. 80 minutes
C. 70 minutes D. 45 minutes
24. With which sports the term 'Silly Point' is associated?
A. Cricket B. Hockey
C. Table Tennis D. Football
25. India first took part in the Olympic Games in the year?
A. 1922 B. 1920
C. 1927 D. 1928
26. With which game is Brookland (England) associated?
A. Hockey B. Football
C. Golf D. Tennis
27. How many players are there in a Football team?
A. 10 B. 12
C. 11 D. 6
28. Which of the following team won the Men's Hockey World Cup 2014?
A. India B. Japan
C. Brazil D. Australia
29. In Asian Games 2014 how many Gold Medals are won by India?
A. 27 B. 13
C. 25 D. 11
30. The term 'Tee' is connected with?
A. Polo B. Golf
C. Carrom D. Snooker
31. When was the Asian Games held in Delhi for the first time?
A. 1952 B. 1951
C. 1962 D. 1953
32. Which country 's will host the 2015 World Cup Cricket?
A. Australia B. Newzealand
C. A and B D. None of these
33. In which year did an India Football team make its appearance in Olympics?
A. 1948 B. 1947
C. 1956 D. None of these
34. In which year did  Milka Singh win the first National title in the 400m race?
A. 1965 B. 1943
C. 1957 D. 1954
35. The term 'Bogey' is associated with?
A. Lawn Tennis B. Chess
C. Golf D. Baseball
36. In which year did India win its first Olympic Hockey Gold Medel?
A. 1924 B. 1928
C. 1934 D. 1926
37. How much time are prefessional Golf Tour players allottod per shot?
A. 40 seconds B. 60 seconds
C. 80 seconds D. 45 seconds
38. Indian Cricketer Rohit Sharma has created history by scoring highest ever runs of 264, against which country?
A. Srilanka B. West Indies
C. England D. PAK
39. Which game is associated with the Durand Cup?
A. Football B. Volleyball
C. Badminton D. None
40. Which was the first non test playing country to beat India in an International match?
A. Australia B. PAK
C. Srilanka D. None of these