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General knowledge questions and answers on Science and Technology

Gk quiz on Science and Technology

1. Which project is joint venture of India and France?
A. Maitri Missile Project B. Nuclear missile project
C. Cog mossile project D. IndFra missile project
2. 'National Biodiversity Conference-2015' was held in which state of India?
A. Kerala B. Haryana
C. Bihar D. Jharkhand
3. Which among the following is the venue for the 102nd Indian Science Congress-2015?
A. Goa B. Mumbai
C. Karnataka D. Gujarat
4. The recently launched 'Mission Indradhanush' targets how many preventable diseases?
A. one B. five
C. six D. seven
5. Which country developed Julang-2 ballistic missile?
A. U.K. B. Nepal
C. China D. Malaysia
6. National Energy Conservation day is observed on?
A. 14th December B. 15th December
C. 21st December D. 4th December
7. India exported 'CGS Baraccuda' to which country?
A. Egypt B. Finland
C. Germany D. Mauritius
8. What is the co2 percentage produced by China and US together?
A. 45% B. 31%
C. 43% D. 56%
9. Which country doesn't have full fledged global navigation system?
A. Italy B. Germany
C. Kenya D. France
10. ISRO successfully launched its historical Mars Mission from Satish Dhawan Space Centre on?
A. 15th November, 2013 B. 21st November, 2013
C. 5th November, 2013 D. 29th November, 2013
11. Which of the following states is leading in the installed wind power?
A. Maharashtra B. Goa
C. Himachal Pradesh D. Tamil Nadu
12. Which of the following vegetable has been genetically modified with BT technology?
A. Cabbage B. Lady's finger
C. Brinjal D. Mushroom
13. World's largest solar steam cooking system was installed at?
A. Kerala B. Tirupati
C. Nagaland D. None
14. Which colours does a colour blind person cannot distinguish?
A. Green,Red B. Blue,Yellow
C. White,Pink D. Pink,Black
15. Which effect to the Indo - US nuclear agreement, how many research reactors India have to place under IAEA safeguard out of 22?
A. 18 B. 14
C. 11 D. 12
16. Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) came into force in which year?
A. 1956 B. 1950
C. 1970 D. 1974
17. How many countries does 'The nuclear suppliers group (NSG)'  comprises of?
A. 23 countries B. 45 countries
C. 56 countries D. 41 countries
18. In which country does 'WNWD'(Nuclear related) is located ?
A. Vienna B. Denmark
C. Singapore D. London
19. Sonar is mostly used by?
A. engineers B. doctors
C. navigators D. none
20. The greatest use of PCs at present is in the?
A. Home B. Office
C. Schools D. Colleges