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General knowledge questions and answers on Indian States and Uts

Gk quiz on Indian States and Uts

1. The greatest number of professional colleges are located in the state of?
A. Asom B. Maharashtra
C. Haryana D. Jharkhand
2. The largest rice producing state in India is?
A. Bihar B. Himachal Pradesh
C. West Bengal D. Chattisgarh
3. The highest ground-nut producer in the world is?
A. India B. Bangladesh
C. Greenland D. Libya
4. Which of the following states has the longest coastline?
A. Karnataka B. Tamil Nadu
C. Maharashtra D. Andhra Pradesh
5. Which state in India has the lowest area under forests?
A. Meghalaya B. Haryana
C. Punjab D. Tripura
6. How many Assembly seats are there in Goa state?
A. 20 B. 120
C. 40 D. 80
7. In India which state has longest coastal line?
A. Punjab B. Odisha 
C. Gujarat D. Andhra Pradesh
8. When did Jammu and Kashmir's own constitution  started?
A. June 26, 1957 B. Jan 26, 1947
C. Jan 26, 1951 D. Jan 26, 1957
9. Telangana is the 29th state of the Indian Union. It is carved out of Andhra pradesh and came into existence on?
A. July 2, 2010 B. June 2, 2014
C. June 2, 2010 D. June 2, 2012
10. In Indian Constitution which Amendment Act providing to Delhi as the 'National Capital Territory'?
A. 69th B. 74th
C. 81st D. 67th
11. The state of Nagaland was officially inaugurated on?
A. April 19, 1983 B. Dec 1, 1963
C. Dec 15, 1963 D. May 16 th, 1989
12. 'Kanha National Park' is located at?
A. Madras B. Calcutta
C. Madhya Pradesh D. Bihar
13. 92 per cent of India's rubber comes from?
A. Sikkim B. Haryana
C. Pune D. Kerala
14. Which state called as 'Spice garden of India'?
A. Kerala B. Punjab
C. Rajasthan D. Mizoram
15. In India which state literally known as 'The abode of the clouds'?
A. Odisha B. Manipur
C. Meghalaya D. Bihar
16. Andaman and Nicobar islands are a group of more than?
A. 82 islands B. 572 islands
C. 8,120 islands D. 523 islands
17. Bandipur wildlife sanctuary is located at which state?
A. Karnataka B. Tripura
C. Uttarkhand D. Telangana
18. In India which state has 'English' as its official language?
A. Asom B. Nagaland
C. Tamil Nadu D. Mizoram
19. Which state is called as 'Sugar bowl of India'?
A. Madhya Pradesh B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Kerala D. Gujarat
20. 'Konkani' language is which state's official language?
A. Bihar B. Arunachal Pradesh
C. Rajasthan D. Goa