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General knowledge questions and answers on Indian History

Gk quiz on Indian History

1. The first metal to be discovered and used for making tools was?
A. Copper B. Zinc
C. Iron D. Silver
2. When was the Harappan Civilization discovered?
A. 1923 B. 1924
C. 1921 D. 1920
3. Buddha was born in?
A. 566 BC B. 563 BC
C. 613 BC D. 546 BC
4. When did Christianity come to India?
A. First Century AD B. Second Century AD
C. Third Century AD D. Fourth Century AD
5. When was zero discovered by the Indians?
A. First Century BC B. Second Century BC
C. Third Century BC D. Fourth Century BC
6. When did Nadir Shah attack northern India?
A. 1739 B. 1732
C. 1740 D. 1742
7. Haidar Ali died during the course of the Second Anglo-Mysore war in: ?
A. 1781 B. 1782
C. 1780 D. 1785
8. By which Act the trade monopoly of the East India company ended in India?
A. Charter Act of 1892 B. Charter Act of 1823
C. Charter Act of 1867 D. Charter Act of 1813
9. Who introduced postage stamps in India?
A. Lord Dalhousie B. Lord Curzon
C. Lord Minto D. None of these
10. The Theosophical Society's foundation was laid by Madame H.P. Blavatsky in:?
A. 1872 B. 1875
C. 1871 D. 1867
11. The All-India Depressed Classes Federation was founded by?
A. Gandhi B. Nehru
C. Dr. Ambedkar D. T.M. Nair
12. The Morley-Minto Reforms were introduced in the year? 
A. 1901 B. 1909
C. 1906 D. 1910
13. The first Indian civil servant was?
A. Jawaharlal Nehru B. Gandhi
C. S.N. Bannerjee D. None
14. The Communal Award was declared by Ramsay Mc.donald in:?
A. 1931 B. 1932
C. 1934 D. 1937
15. Gandhiji started  the Quit India Movement in:?
A. 1946 B. 1932
C. 1942 D. 1947
16. When was the Cabinet Mission Plan announced by Attlee. the Prime Minister of England?
A. 1946 B. 1945
C. 1949 D. 1950
17. The Rowltts Act was passed in:?
A. 1912 B. 1919
C. 1920 D. 1922
18. Which of the following leaders gave the slogan 'Do or Die'?
A. Jawaharlal Nehru B. Subhash Chandra Bose 
C. Gandhiji D. None
19. The Battle of Haldighat was fought in?
A. 1576 B. 1526
C. 1601 D. 1579
20. In which language is the Guru Granth Saheb, the holy book of Sikhs, written?
A. Urdu B. Roman
C. Gurumukhi D. Hebrew
21. Where was the ashram of Acharya Vinobha Bhave?
A. Delhi B. Paunar
C. Calcutta D. Vadodara
22. The Act of ------------ had introduced the system of separate electorates?
A. 1907 B. 1908
C. 1909 D. None of these
23. The Indus Valley civilization was discovered in the year?
A. 1923 B. 1921
C. 1929 D. 1922
24. How many volunteers had accompanied Gandhi on the famous Dandi march of March 12, 1930?
A. 78 B. 89
C. 98 D. 24
25. From when is the Hijri era counted?
A. 752 AD B. 622 AD
C. 874 AD D. 512 AD
26. In which year the Vikram Era started?
A. 52 AD B. 58 BC
C. 58 AD D. 72 BC
27. The Vijayanagar Empire ended with the battle of Tallikota in?
A. 1526 AD B. 1565 AD
C. 1528 AD D. 1576 AD
28. In which year Akbar born at Amarkot?
A. 1542 AD B. 1548 AD
C. 1585 AD D. 1543 AD
29. In which year Ashoka fought the Kalinga war?
A. 216 BC B. 261 BC
C. 264 BC D. 296 BC
30. When did Tilak declare 'Swaraj is my birth right, and I shall have it'?
A. 1923 B. 1945
C. 1916 D. 1907
31. Treaty of Purandhar (establishing a general peace between the English and Marathas) was signed in?
A. 1523 B. 1645
C. 1716 D. 1665
32. Non-cooperation Movement (Resolution) was passed in which session of Indian National Congress?
A. Hyderabad B. Pune
C. Calcutta D. Nagpur
33. After disintegration of Bahmani Kingdom, into how many small kingdoms was it divided?
A. 5 B. 7
C. 9 D. 2
34. Muslim League first demanded partition of India in?
A. 1950 B. 1940
C. 1960 D. 1970
35. The First Battle of Plassey took place in?
A. 1854 B. 1844
C. 1864 D. 1874
36. The Battle of Haldighati was fought in?
A. 1526 B. 1536
C. 1546 D. 1576
37. Gandhiji's Dandi March started from?
A. Ahmedabad B. Surat
C. Calcutta D. Mumbai
38. Quit India movement was adopted by the Indian National Congress at?
A. Ahmedabad B. Mumbai
C. Pune D. Mumbai
39. Which one of the following places did Kunwar Singh at prominent leader of the revolt of 1857 belong to?
A. Andhra Pradesh B. Madhya Pradesh
C. Pune D. Bihar
40. Who among the following was not associated with the formation of U.P. Kisan Sabha in February 1918?
A. Indira Gandhi B. Jawaharlal Nehru
C. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel D. None