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General knowledge questions and answers on Indian Factsheet

Gk quiz on Indian Factsheet

1. Who was the Vice-President of India in 2002 to 2007?
A. Bhairaon Singh Shekhawat B. Sankar dayal sharma
C. Karan singh D. V.c gupta
2. In which year Bombay High Court was established?
A. 1978 B. 1862
C. 1864 D. 1888
3. Rajya Sabha Members were elected for a period of----?
A. 4years B. 5years
C. 6years D. 3years
4. How many legislative assembly members are there in Bihar?
A. 211members B. 234members
C. 286members  D. 243members
5. Who was the first speaker of Lokshabha?
A. Nagesh acharya B. G.V.Mavalankar
C. Mankad desai D. B.V Sastri
6. How many total no.of states are there in India?
A. 29 B. 31
C. 28 D. 34 
7. In India who was the second chief justice?
A. K.roy B. Bitin murthy
C. M.Patanjali sastri  D. P.k sinha
8. In Rajya Sabha maximum strength is?
A. 250 B. 230
C. 345 D. 120
9. Who was the first chief minister of Telangana?
A. Chandrababu naidu B. Rosaiah
C. Kiran kumar reddy D. K.Chandra Sekhar Rao
10. In India National Flag White Band Was added by?
A. Mahatma Gandhi B. Pingali venkaiah
C. Sardar vallabhai patel D. None
11. Who was the President of India in between 25 july 2002-2007? 
A. Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam B. Pranab mukharji
C. Prathiba patel D. Ik gujral
12. Name the first chief justice of india?
A. Jayadev sarkar B. Raman v dev
C. Hiralal J.Kania D. Pranb mehta
13. Who is the Present Prime Minister of india ?
A. Manmohan singh B. Sonia gandhi
C. Rahul gandhi D. Narendra Modi
14. Name the first women to become the Governer of state?
A. V.c sarkar B. Sorojini Naidu
C. Nimantran desai D. None
15. Who was the President of India during emergency?
A. Sankar dayal sharma B. Abdul kalam
C. Raman D. Gyani Zali Singh
16. Where is the Kerela High Court seat is located ?
A. Ernakulam B. Trivendram
C. Kochin D. Bandran
17. Who was the first finance Commission Chairman in India?
A. Vipin kosla B. K.C.Neogi
C. N.k nair D. S.V.sastri
18. Name the Governor of Reserve Bank of india in the year 2003-2008?
A. A.k reddy B. Venkat reddy
C. Dr.Ranga reddy D. Dr.Y.V.Reddy.
19. Name the chief of Air staff in the year may31,2009-july 2011?
A. Marshal Pradeep Vasanth Nayak B. Vasanth motera
C. K.C.Kalyan D. Binamra seth
20. What is the population dencity?
A. 382per sq.km B. 362per sq.km
C. 420per sq.km D. 295per sq.km
21. Female litercy percentage in India?
A. 52.55% B. 64.6%
C. 68.42% D. 72.13%
22. Due to volcanic activity which lake formed?
A. Niveri lake B. Lunar lake
C. Sarayu lake D. Venugu lake
23. Which is the most populous state in India?
A. Uttar Pradesh B. Madhya pradesh
C. Maharashtra D. Tamilnadu
24. Up to how many years S.Ranganathan is Controller and Auditor-Generals of India?
A. 1982-85 B. 1968-69
C. 1966-72 D. 1969-72
25. Who is the present governor of Andhra Pradesh?
A. K.nirodhi B. R.v.keshav
C. P.mudra D. E.S.L.Narasimhan
26. Name the state who has first Women Chief Minister in India?
A. Uttar Pradesh B. Andhrapradesh
C. kerala D. Delhi
27. When was first Five Years Plan held ?
A. 2nd  May  1952 B. 1st April 1951
C. 3rd June 1953 D. 4th August 1956
28. Who is the Commander-in-chief in the year 1933-1955?
A. General Kishnan bhagavat B. General Maharaj Rajendra singhji
C. General N.k.Rai D. General V.N.Prasad
29. When was the Admiral R.K. Dhowan became Chief of the naval?
A. April17,2013-till date B. April17,2014-till date
C. April17,2012-till date D. April17,2011-till date
30. Who was the first Speaker of Telangana Assembly?
A. K.Madan mohan B. S.Harish rao
C. S.Madhu Sudhana chary D. V.Karthikeyan
31. How many women worked as chief ministers of Tamilnadu?
A. 1 B. 4
C. 3 D. 2
32. In which Range the watershed between India and Myanmar forms?
A. Kkrs Range B. Nine planet Range
C. Runaki Range D. Patkai Bum Range
33. How many hectare Per capita forest cover around in India?
A. 0.11 hectare B. 0.23 hectare
C. 1.02 hectare D. 0.08 hectare
34. Name the least populous state in India?
A. Manipur B. Sikkim
C. Delhi D. None
35. What is the Total Land Boundary in India ?
A. 15,200km B. 16,380km
C. 17,400km D. 18,110km
36. Who is the CHAIRMAN of the UPSC in the year 2007-2008?
A. Sanjay dutt B. Preti manohar 
C. Subir Dutta D. Prem chouhan
37. Name the Commanders-in-Chief in the year 1948-1949 is?
A. General vir pratap B. General Swaroop
C. General Sir Roy Bucher D. General Katam raju
38. Who is the first Vice-President of India was?
A. S.unni krishnan   B. S.Narendranath
C. S.Radha Krishnan D. S.Vinarkan
39. In which year the first Five Year Plan began on?
A. April 1,1951 B. May 1,1951
C. June 1,1951 D. Feb 1,1951
40. What is the maximum strength of Rajya Sabha?
A. 256 B. 234
C. 211 D. 250