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General knowledge questions and answers on Indian Communication Service

Gk quiz on Indian Communication Service

1. In which year  Radio Broad Casting service started from?
A. 1934 B. 1924
C. 1988 D. 1927
2. Where did Poastal Traning Center establed in India?
A. Baroda B. Chennai
C. Pune D. Delhi
3. In which year the first S.T.D.service introduced in between Lucknow & Kanpur?
A. 1963 B. 1960
C. 1966 D. 1961
4. In year 1851 the first telegraph line was opened for trafffic in between?
A. Chennai & Bangalore B. Delhi & Kashmir
C. Kolkata & Diamond Harbour D. Hyderabad & Ahmadabad
5. What was the last three digits of a PIN code represent?
A. Sorting mandal B. Sorting state
C. Sorting village D. Sorting district
6. Which city is first wireless Internet Connectivity in India started?
A. Bangalore B. Mysore
C. Lucknow D. Patna
7. Name the first Director General of Doordarshan?
A. Narayanamurthy B. Ramamurthy
C. Krishnamurthy D. Binaymurthy
8. In the world which country introduced PINcode first ?
A. Germany B. Japan
C. America D. Britan
9. India's first international telephone line connected in 1870 with?
A. Canada & Delhi B. Londan & Mumbai
C. Canberra & Chennai D. Washington & Delhi
10. In which year first Poastal service started?
A. 1873 B. 1834
C. 1837 D. 1823
11. Name the first Air broadcast was in Push to address?
A. Afghanistan B. Niarobi
C. Iaran D. Srilanka
12. Which service began from Delhi on august 9,1984?
A. DD news service B. DD Metro service
C. DD channel service D. DD movie service
13. Microwaves discovered by Marconi in the year?
A. 1936 B. 1938
C. 1932 D. 1931
14. What is the study of post cards called?
A. Pocology B. Deltology
C. Postiology D. Deltiology
15. The first person depicted on india's stamp was?
A. Mahatma gandhi B. Sardar vallabhai patel
C. Tata D. Indira gandhi
16. Name the world's coastliest stamp?
A. Londan guina B. Usa inspiron
C. British Guiana D. Uk coness
17. In which year the Poastal Index Number (PIN)introduced?
A. 1975 B. 1972
C. 1971 D. 1977
18. What is the name of the country first used the 'Post Cards' in the world?
A. Austria B. Canada
C. Korea D. Australia
19. In which Zone Andaman Nicobar islands belongs to?
A. 8th B. 7th
C. 6th D. 4th
20. Who has the oldest postal services in the world?
A. Bangladesh B. India
C. Brazil D. China