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General knowledge questions and answers on India Superlatives

Gk quiz on India Superlatives

1. Which is the state that has maximum forest area in India?
A. Gujarat B. Bihar
C. Madhya Pradesh D. Andhra Pradesh
2. In which state is India's largest Petrochemical complex situated?
A. Asom B. Arunachal Pradesh
C. Chattisgarh D. Gujarat
3. In which state is India's biggest dome, 'Gol Gumbaj', situated?
A. Karnataka B. Tamil Nadu
C. Sikkim D. Manipur
4. Next to Hindi, the language spoken by the largest number of people in the Indian sub continent is?
A. Urdu B. Telugu
C. Bengali D. Tamil
5. In which city is the India's biggest library 'National Library' situated?
A. Hyderabad B. Kolkata
C. Chennai D. Mumbai
6. In which state is India's biggest 'Jawahar Tunnel' situated?
A. Jammu Kashmir B. Punjab 
C. Goa D. Odisha
7. In which city is India's biggest hall, 'Shri Shanmukhananda hall' situated?
A. Mumbai B. Pune
C. Delhi D. Kolkata
8. In which state is the biggest waterfall, 'Jog Water Fall' is situated?
A. Maharashtra B. Kerala
C. Karnataka D. Meghalaya
9. India's oldest church 'Saint Thomas Church' situated in?
A. Goa B. Manipur
C. Himachal Pradesh D. Kerala
10. Andhra Pradesh government with the cooperation of a private agency building the deepest port in India? Where is that?
A. Gangavaram B. Kakinada
C. Visakhapatnam D. None of these
11. Which is the first metropolitan city in India, where the street lights are powered by Solar electricity?
A. Delhi B. Mumbai
C. Kolkata D. Chennai
12. Where in India the first 'Yoga University' is established?
A. Jaipur B. Haridwar
C. Bangalore D. Mysore
13. Which is India's city to get first wireless internet connectivity service?
A. Chandigarh B. Hyderabad
C. Mysore D. Amarnath
14. Which is the cites, the hotel that can float on water 'floater' is started first in India?
A. Kochi B. Jaipur
C. Kolkata D. Mumbai
15. In India which is the state that has the biggest human built lake 'Govind Sagar (Bhakra)' located?
A. Asom B. Sikkim
C. Bihar D. Haryana
16. In India which is the highly populated city?
A. Delhi B. Mumbai
C. Hyderabad D. Kolkata
17. In which city in India are the biggest Botanical garden and the biggest Planetorium situated?
A. Bangalore B. Delhi
C. Kolkata D. Jaipur
18. The biggest port in India is?
A. Mumbai B. Cochin
C. Kadapa D. None of these
19. The biggest church in India is located at?
A. Goa B. Kerala
C. Mumbai D. Delhi
20. If the Largest bank in government banks in India is SBI, in the same way the largest bank in private sector is?