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General knowledge questions and answers on India Census-2011

Gk quiz on India Census-2011

1. The Constituent Assembly of India adopted the National Flag on?
A. Aug 15, 1947 B. Jan 26, 1948
C. July 22, 1947 D. Jan 26, 1947
2. What is the colour of the Chakra (wheel) of India's National Flag?
A. Navy Blue B. Dark Blue
C. Green D. White - Blue
3. How many lions are visible on India's National Emblem?
A. Two B. Three
C. Four D. One
4. The National Flag was first presented to the nation on behalf of women of India at the midnight session of the Assembly on?
A. Jan 26, 1947 B. Aug 15, 1947
C. Aug 14, 1947 D. None
5. The cloth of National Flag of India is?
A. Silk B. Cotton
C. Velvet D. Khadi
6. When was the National Anthem of India first sung?
A. 1911 B. 1947
C. 1950 D. 1897
7. The National Emblem of India was adopted on?
A. Jan 26, 1947 B. Jan 26, 1950
C. Aug 15, 1947 D. Aug 15, 1950
8. Besides the lion, which other animals figure on our National Emblem?
A. Tiger and Horse B. Cow and Tiger
C. Bull and Horse D. None
9. What is the playing time of the shorter version of our National Anthem which is played on ceremonial occasion?
A. 20 seconds B. 10 seconds
C. 60 seconds D. 45 seconds
10. The National Anthem was adopted by the Constitute Assembly on?
A. Jan 26, 1950 B. Jan 24, 1950
C. Dec 15, 1956 D. Aug 15, 1947
11. What is the normal playing time of the full version of our National Anthem?
A. 30 seconds B. 40 seconds
C. 52 seconds D. 32 seconds
12. Who rendered the English translation of our National Song?
A. R.K. Narayan B. Rahul Smith
C. Sri Aurobindo Ghosh D. None of these
13. When was the National Song first sung?
A. 1911 B. 1945
C. 1894 D. 1896
14. When was the National Calendar of India introduced for official purposes?
A. April 19, 1954 B. March 23, 1945
C. March 22, 1957 D. April 15, 1956
15. When was the National Flag of India first displayed?
A. Evening of January 26, 1976 B. Midnight of August 14, 1947
C. Evening of August 15, 1947 D. Early morning of January 5, 1947
16. The first date of our National Calendar corresponds to which date of the Gregorian calendar?
A. March 26, 1952 B. March 22, 1957
C. April 1, 1950 D. None
17. According to 2011 census, female number per 1000 male?
A. 943 B. 923
C. 976 D. 954
18. According to 2011 census urban rural population ratio is about?
A. 34 : 72 B. 31 : 69
C. 38 : 72 D. 69 : 31
19. Which state has the sex ratio of 1084 females per 1000 males?
A. Karnataka B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Tamil Nadu D. Kerala
20. As compared to women, men are still ahead in literacy rate with ------------- of the male literate population?
A. 80.9% B. 67.1%
C. 72% D. 58.3%
21. Which among the following is the most populated city?
A. Delhi B. Hyderabad
C. Chennai D. Mumbai
22. What is the literacy rate in India as per 2011 census?
A. 65% B. 73%
C. 57% D. 86%
23. What is the population density as per the last census (number of persons per sq km of area)?
A. 382 B. 342
C. 245 D. 287
24. What was the annual growth rate of population during the period 2001-2011?
A. 2.4% B. 1.64%
C. 3.67% D. 2.32%
25. What was the decedial growth rate of population during the last decade 2001-2011?
A. 24% B. 16.4%
C. 17.7% D. 25.2%
26. In which year was the first attempt made to enumerate the population of India?
A. 1950 B. 1865
C. 1845 D. 1872
27. Regular census in India are held every 10 years. In which year was the first regular census held in India?
A. 1935 B. 1887
C. 1881 D. 1932
28. Which year is known as the 'year of the Great Divide' with regard to population, after which there has been a continuous and rapid growth in India's population?
A. 1922 B. 1921
C. 1925 D. 1932
29. What was the title first given by the author of National Anthem?
A. Evening Song of India B. Freedom Song of India
C. Bharat Vidhata D. None
30. According to Census 2011, which one among the following states has the lowest male literacy rate?
A. Bihar B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Kerala D. Nagaland
31. When was the National Anthem composed by Rabindranath Tagore first published?
A. January 1910 B. January 1912
C. July 1910 D. April 1912
32. In SC population which Indian State is the first place?
A. Andhra Pradesh B. Nagaland
C. Uttar Pradesh D. Kerala
33. Which of the following statements concerning Indian National Flag is correct?
A. No other Flag is to be placed above it B. No other Emblem is to be placed above it
C. The flag is not to be carried flat D. All the above statements are correct
34. When was the National Song published in Anand Math written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee?
A. 1985 B. 1882
C. 1856 D. 1921
35. As per the latest data available (for the year 2010) infant Mortality rate (for 1000 live births) in India is?
A. 45 B. 49
C. 47 D. 74
36. ST population highest in which State?
A. West Bengal B. Madhya Pradesh
C. Tamil Nadu D. None
37. In which religion female literacy rate is highest?
A. Christians B. Muslims
C. Jains D. Sikhs
38. What was the percentage of population of India to World population?
A. 17.5% B. 25.5%
C. 27.5% D. 21.5%
39. Which of the following was the first million city of the country according to 1901 census?
A. Rajasthan B. Odisha
C. Mumbai D. Bihar
40. Which state has the highest percentage of employees to the population at 1.6 percent as against the national average of 0.8 percent?
A. Maharashtra B. Odisha
C. Kerala D. None of these