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General knowledge questions and answers on First in India

Gk quiz on AbbreviationsFirst in India

1. In which year first AC train introduced in India?
A. 1936 B. 1987
C. 1925 D. 1972
2. In which year first underground railway system was introduced in Kolkata?
A. 1860 B. 1984
C. 1992 D. 1975
3. The first Indian woman to Commander a jet is?
A. Sunita williams B. Sarojini Naidu
C. Saudamini Deshmukh D. Bachhendri Pal
4. The first nuclear explosion in India took place at? 
A. Delhi (1972) B. Nellie (1998)
C. Mumbai (1956) D. Pokhraan (1974)
5. Who was the first Indian to be a Follow of Royal Society of London? 
A. V. Shanta ram B. Srinivas Ramanujan
C. Rajendra Prasad D. Rajagopalachari
6. The first Indian woman to scale Mount Everest was?
A. Asha Agarwal B. Seema Kapoor
C. Bachendri Pal D. P.T. Usha
7. Who was the first Indian woman to swim across the Strait of Gibraltar?
A. Aarti Saha B. Sujata Manohar
C. M.D. Valsamma D. None
8. The first person to conduct heart transplantation in India is?
A. Dr. S.S. Reddy B. Dr. Karthik
C. Dr. V. Vinod D. Dr. Venugopal
9. The first field Marshal of India was? 
A. K. Subha Rao B. S.H.F.J. Manekshaw
C. A.R. Stevenson D. A. Viadya
10. Who was the largest served Chief Minister in India?
A. Arjun Singh B. Jyoti Basu
C. Jawaharlal Nehru D. Rajeev Gandhi
11. Who among the following was the first woman minister in Parliament of india?
A. Sarojini Naidu B. Shiny Abraham
C. Rajkumari Amrit Kaur D. Lalita basu
12. Who gave hindi speech before 'UN General Assembly'?
A. V.P. Singh B. A.B. Vajapayee
C. Charan Singh D. R.C. Bharadwaj
13. Who headed the first scientific group to leave for Antarctica in 1982?
A. Dr. S.Z. Kasim B. Dr. k. Salem
C. Dr. V. V. Kumar D. Dr. Rajkumar
14. The only Indian woman who became President of WHO was?
A. Sushila Nayar B. Indira Gandhi
C. Reita Fariys D. Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur
15. Woman Prime Minister of India?
A. V.P. Singh B. Indira Gandhi
C. Rajendra Prasad D. None of these
16. Which High Court in India had the first woman Chief Justice?
A. Himachal Pradesh High Court B. Hyderabad High Court
C. Chennai High Court D. Gujarat High Court
17. Of the following Chief Justice of India who was the first Acting President of India?
A. Giri B. Subba Rao
C. Mohd. Hidayathulla D. Ram Chandra
18. First Indian to go into space?
A. Suriya Reddy B. Rakesh paul
C. Saran Kumar D. Rakesh Sharma
19. The first Indian woman to reach Olympic finals in women's single running?
A. P.T. Usha B. Sonia
C. Sindhu D. Arti Saha
20. Mrs. Meera Sahib Fathima Beebi is distinguished as the first lady?
A. Judge of the High Court B. Judge of the Supreme Court
C. Gold medal winner in sports D. None of these