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General knowledge questions and answers on Disaster Management

Gk quiz on Disaster Management

1. Disaster Management includes?
A. Mitigation B. Reconstruction
C. Rehabilitation D. All the above
2. Andhra Pradesh was severely battered by a cyclonic storm which killed more than 10,000 lives on?
A. 15-11-1977 B. 15-11-1971
C. 15-11-1963 D. 15-11-1945
3. Tsunami's can occur only during?
A. Evening B. Afternoon
C. Any time in day or night D. Morning
4. United Nations Disaster Management Team is responsible for solving problem resulting from disasters in?
A. Asia B. Australia
C. Africa D. In all continents
5. How many of 35 Indian States and Union Territories are disaster prone?
A. 23 B. 25
C. 12 D. 27
6. Number of human live lost during 1980-2010 due to natural and induced hazards in India?
A. 1, 42,265 B. 1,56,897
C. 1,43,039 D. 1,23,987
7. 11.3.2012 marked one year since an earthquake and tsunami killed thousand of people in?
A. Japan B. Germany
C. London D. Nepal
8. National Institute of Disaster Management is at?
A. Manipur B. Punjab
C. Hyderabad D. New Delhi
9. On what date an Cyclone triggered a tsunami that killed about 50 people in A.P?
A. 15-12-2010 B. 12-10-2014
C. 02-09-2012 D. 12-12-2012
10. The term 'disaster' is derived from which of the following language?
A. Greek B. Latin
C. French D. Arabic
11. Earthquakes and tsunamis constitute disaster percentage =-------?
A. 8% B. 4%
C. 6% D. 17%
12. The Disaster Management Act was made in?
A. 2006 B. 2003
C. 2005 D. 2009
13. India's National Tsunami Warning System became operational in?
A. 2003 B. 2007
C. 2009 D. 2012
14. Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre is at?
A. Bangkok B. Kerala
C. Surat D. None
15. When was the National Cadet Corps, a body (NCC) formed?
A. 1942 B. 1946
C. 1948 D. 1950
16. In which year the Nehru Yuva Kendras were launched?
A. 1976 B. 1972
C. 1987 D. 1981
17. How much percentage of Indian land is prone to earthquakes?
A. 52% B. 54%
C. 59% D. 60%
18. How much of India's coastline is vulnerable to Disaters?
A. 5340 km B. 5400 km
C. 6200 km D. 5700 km
19. Floods Amount to ----- of the world's disasters by natural hazards?
A. 32% B. 30%
C. 45% D. 36%
20. When was the National Fire Service College established?
A. 1967 B. 1976
C. 1956 D. 1942