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General knowledge questions and answers on Abbreviations

Gk quiz on Abbreviations

1. UNITAR stands for?
A. United  Nations  Institute for Training and Research B. University Nations Institute for Training and Research
C. United National Institute for Technology and Research D. University National Institute for Technology and Research
2. Fullform of WFC?
A. World Food Commonwealth B. World Fund Council
C. World Food Council D. World Food Corporation
3. What is the abbreviation of FAO?
A. Free Agriculture Organization B. Food and Agriculture Organization
C. Fellowship and Agriculture Organization D. Finance and Agriculture Organization
4. Abbreviation of UNIDO is ------------------- ?
A. United Nations Industrial Development Organization B. Union Nations International Development Organization
C. Union Nations Industrial Development Organization D. Union Nations Industrial Development Office
5. Elaborate ESCAP?
A. European Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific B. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
C. European Society for  Child  Asia and the Pacific D. None of these
6. Find the Abbreviation of CATA in the following list?
A. Capital Area Tax Association B. Chicago Automobile Transporation Association
C. Commonwealth Association of Tax Administrators D. Commonwealth Action of Tax Administrators
7. Can you find the meaning of OPEC in the following list?
A. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. B. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Council.
C. Organization of Pipe Exporting Council. D. Organization of Pipe Exporting Countries.
8. Fullform of WEO?
A. World European Union. B. World Exchange Unit.
C. Western European Union. D. Western Economic Union.
9. Elaborate SFC?
A. State Financial Corporation. B. Shop Financial Corporation.
C. State Flight Corporation. D. State Function Corporation.
10. FIPB stands for?
A. Finance Investment Promotion Board. B. Finance Indian Process Board.
C. Flight Investment People British. D. Foreign Investment Promotion Board.
11. Abbreviation of ISRO is ---------------?
A. Indian Space Research Organisation. B. Intelligence Service Research Organisation.
C. International Space Research Organisation. D. None
12. Find the Abbreviation of SITE in the following list?
A. Satellite International Television Experiment. B. Satellite Indian Television Experiment.
C. Satellite Instructional Television Experiment. D. Search Instructional Television Experiment.
13. IO stands for?
A. Internal Operations B. Investigating Officer.
C. International Online. D. Independent Office
14. What is the abbreviation of BBM?
A. Bachelor of Business Marketing. B. Big Business Management.
C. Bachelor of Business Master. D. Bachelor of Business Management.
15. Can you find the meaning of SET in the following list?
A. Science Eligibility Test. B. State Eligibility Test.
C. Social Eligibility Test. D. State Entertainment Test.
16. Find the abbreviation of NARO in the following list?
A. National Technical Research Organisation. B. Numerical Technical Research Organisation.
C. National Television Research Organisation. D. National Technical Responsibility Organisation.
17. Which of the following are correctly matched?
A. CAS- Conditional Access System. B. C-DAC - Centre for the Development of Advanced Computing.
C. CT- Computerised Tomography. D. All of the above.
18. SAFTA stands for South Asian Free Trade 
A. Amount B. Association
C. Agreement D. None
19. Which of the following are correctly matched?
A. TRYSEM - Training of Rural Youth of Self employment. B. UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
C. UNI - United News India. D. All of the above
20. Fullform of DOS?
A. Disk Operating System. B. Direct Operating System.
C. Disk Offset System. D. Development Operating System.
21. DDMA stands for?
A. District Disaster Management Action. B. District Disaster Management Authority.
C. District Department Management Authority. D. District Development Management Authority.
22. Elaborate GII?
A. Grand Innovation Index. B. General Innovation Index.
C. Global Innovation Index. D. Guidance Innovation Index.
23. Find the abbreviation of UNEF1 in the following list?
A. United Nations Emergency Force 1. B. United Nations Environment Force 1.
C. United Nations Energy Force 1. D. United Nations Economical Force 1.
24. WHO stands for?
A. World Helping Organization. B. World Health Organization.
C. Well Health Organization. D. None of these
25. What is the abbreviation of CPA?
A. Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. B. Cost Per Action.
C. Christian Police Association. D. All of the above
26. Can you find the meaning of ECM in the following list?
A. Economic Common Market. B. Economic Common Management.
C. European Common Management. D. European Common Market.
27. SELA refers to?
A. Special Economic Latino America. B. South Economic Latino America.
C. Sistema Economic Latino America. D. State Economic Latino America.
28. Elaborate UTI?
A. Unit Trust of India. B. Unit Technology of India.
C. University Trust of India. D. None
29. Find the abbreviation of BSC in the following list?
A. Bangalore Security Coordination. B. British Security Coordination.
C. British Service Coordination. D. Bangalore Service Coordination.
30. What is the abbreviation of MMEM?
A. Master of Marketing Export and Management. B. Master of Marketing Electronic and Management.
C. Master of Marketing Environment and Management. D. Master of Marketing Economic and Management.
31. LCD stands for?
A. Liquid Crystal Display. B. Local Crystal Display.
C. Large Crystal Display. D. Light Crystal Display.
32. Abbreviation of URL is ------------?
A. Uniform Resource Language. B. Uniform Resource Locator.
C. Uniform Research Locator. D. All of the above
33. Fullform of SDMA?
A. Space Disaster  Management Authority. B. System Disaster  Management Authority.
C. State Disaster  Management Authority. D. None
34. Can you find the meaning of ADPC in the following list?
A. Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre. B. Asian Disaster Policy Centre.
C. Asian Disaster Progress Centre. D. Asian Disaster Processing Centre.
35. NIDM refers to?
A. National Institute of Disaster Management. B. National Institute of Disaster Mobilization.
C. National Invitational Drill Meet. D. All of the above.
36. ASEAN refers to Association of South - East ---------?
A. Asian Nations. B. Arab Nations.
C. American Nations. D. African Nations.
37. What does 'R' stands for in FERA?
A. Registration. B. Realization.
C. Restriction. D. Regulation.
38. VAT stands for?
A. Value Added Tax. B. Value Added Trust.
C. Value Amount Total. D. None of these.
39. SENSEX means?
A. Sensitivity Index. B. Security Index.
C. Stock Exchange. D. None of these.
40. ABC is an acronym for Audit Bureau of?
A. Crime. B. Corporation.
C. Circulation. D. The Country.