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Computer awareness

Computer awareness on Search Engine Optimisation

Questions and Answers on Search Engine Optimisation

1. What is seo?
A. See Even Option
B. Search Engine Optimisation
C. Search Engine Offer D. Search Energy Optimisation
2. Getting money by leasing space in our website to place google ads is known as----------?
A. Google income way
B. Google pay
C. Google money D. Google adsence
3. In how many ways google pays money to the website owners,what are they?
A. 2ways, cpc, cpm
B. 1way, cps
C. Both D. None
4. What is the meaning of cpc in google adsence?
A. Cost Per Claim
B. Cost Per Cause
C. Cost Per Click D. None
5. What is the meaning of cpm in google adsence?
A. Cost Per Move
B. Cost Per 1000 impressions
C. Cost Per Month D. None
6. A unique visitor can be counted by which term in seo?
A. Impression
B. Count
C. Pax D. Number
7. How much business is happening in the world through google adsence?
A. 5 crore doller
B. 10 crore doller
C. 25 crore doller D. 12 crore doller
8. Which is the website useful to know any website statistics?
A. Webanala.com
B. Webknow.com
C. Revenue.com D. Cubestat.com
9. How many banner ads can be displayed in any webpage to earn money through adsence?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 6 D. 7
10. How many link adds can be displayed in any webpage to earn money through adsence?
A. 3
B. 2
C. 9 D. 7
11. How many search adds can be displayed in any webpage to earn money through adsence?
A. 3
B. 2
C. 5 D. 17
12. Who will decide the colour,location,size of the ad in any webpage?
A. Google
B. Yahoo
C. Bidu D. Website owner
13. In how many websites we can display ads with single adsence account?
A. 1website
B. 2website
C. Unlimited D. 11website
14. Applying adsence account through youtube will get fast approval?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Only some times D. None
15. Which is required to get adsence account through youtube?
A. Organic video
B. Own video
C. Video which is not there in internet D. All
16. Through youtube which adsence account we will get?
A. Hosted account
B. Non hosted account
C. Direct account D. Temporary account
17. Which is the sign useful to know whether our video is organic or not?
A. Green doller symbol
B. Red doller symbol
C. Black doller symbol D. White doller symbol
18. Who will get income when somebody placed ram videos into krishna website?
A. Krishna
B. Ram
C. No one D. Both
19. Web camera,screen recording software,movie maker softwares are permitted to create a video for youtube?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Sometimes D. None
20. What do you mean by sem?
A. Search Engine Making
B. Search Enroll Marketing
C. Search Enroll Making D. Search Engine Marketing
21. What exactly sem will do?
A. Advertise our website B. Get traffic
C. Plays ad in inorganic part D. All
22. In sem our ad will be placed based upon our auction crieria?
A. Yes B. No
C. Sometimes D. None
23. Which is the fast technique of making our website top in search results?
A. Sem B. Seo
C. Both D. None
24. Which is useful to analyseall activities of sem?
A. Adwords B. Adsence
C. Pagerank D. Seo
25. Complete adwords work will revolve around----------?
A. Numbers B. Traffic
C. keywords D. None
26. Which is the first step of website making?
A. Hosting booking B. Sharing to friends
C. Domain boking D. None
27. Which is the best company to book a domain?
A. Tcs B. Wipro
C. Infosys D. Godaddy
28. Which is the best website to resell our domain?
A. Sedo.com B. Esdo.com
C. Nyru.com D. Pemro.com
29. Which is the second step of website making?
A. Domain booking B. Hosting
C. Giving party to friends D. None
30. The process of taking the space in the server in known as-------?
A. Berth booking B. Hosting
C. Space connect D. Space given
31. Which is useful to design static and dynamic websites without technical knowledge?
A. Wordpress B. Freeweb
C. Blueweb D. Niceweb
32. What is the google platform which is useful to create unlimited blogs?
A. Wordpress B. Catchy
C. Dymo D. Blogger
33. A blogger can be converted into private website?
A. Yes B. No
C. Sometimes D. None
34. What is the name given to the promotion of online shopping?
A. Online boozing B. Affiliate marketing
C. Online cross D. Online junction
35. Before posting content into your website, the content should be passed in ---------tool?
A. Content tool B. Right tool
C. Plagarism tool D. Preview tool
36. The solution to get unique content will be done in?
A. Unique format B. Unique tech
C. Unique data D. Artical spinning
37. How many types of optimisations are there in seo?
A. 4 B. 2
C. 7 D. 3
38. Howmany steps are there in onpage optimisation?
A. 14 B. 12
C. 17 D. 15
39. What is the name given to uniform source locater(address of webpage)?
A. Webname B. Webgain
C. Permalink D. Webrecord
40. How many characters of tittle tag description will search engines read to rank your webpage on top?
A. 65 B. 23
C. 54 D. 40
41. How many characters of meta description tag description will search engines read to rank your webpage on top?
A. 165 B. 121
C. 140 D. 160
42. Which tag separates all the keywords of our topic?
A. Meta description tag B. Meta comma tag
C. Meta keywords tag D. Meta separate tag
43. For better webpage ranking howmany h1 tags should be permitted?
A. One B. Two
C. Three D. Four
44. Having relevant images in our webpage boost our webpage ranking?
A. Boost ranking of image B. No
C. Yes D. None
45. Most of the times h1 tag will be writen using font decorations like bold,italic,underline?
A. Use other decorations B. No
C. Yes D. Times new roman will be used
46. How much keyword density will be there for better webpage ranking?
A. 6% to 8% B. 1% to 3%
C. 0% to 1% D. None
47. Avoiding ------------link in our webpage will boost our website ranking?
A. Broken link B. Find link
C. Wez link D. None
48. For every image which tag is must for better ranking of webpage?
A. Image font tag B. Image alt tag
C. Image nice tag D. Image overview tag
49. In howmany seconds a webpage should be loaded to rank high?
A. 5secto7sec B. 4secto8sec
C. 10secto12sec D. 1secto3sec
50. Which tag is useful to target visitors from specific region?
A. Meta geo tag B. Region tag
C. Place tag D. None
51. What is the name of the map which contains all the urls of the website?
A. Complete map B. Url map
C. Site map D. None
52. sitemap is a ------------file?
A. Robust file B. Xml/Html
C. Nice file D. Random file
53. Which tool is useful to check the seo performance of our website?
A. Seo tool B. Sp tool
C. Spw tool D. Webmasters tool
54. Which tool is useful to track the traffic of the website?
A. Google analytics B. Trck tool
C. Trafic finder tool D. None
55. What is the name given for "average number of people on every hundred visitors who left away your website just after visiting a single page"?
A. Not intrested B. Never come
C. Bounce rate D. Find away
56. Which plays a major role in off page optimisation?
A. Off page jack B. Backlinks
C. Off page opt D. Off page merge
57. When our webpage link is there in another webpage then that link is called as ---------------?
A. Waste link B. Backlinks
C. Complaint link D. Giving link
58. How many types of backlinks are there?
A. 4 B. 6
C. 2 D. 7
59. What is the name of the backlink which is direct reference to your site?
A. No follow B. Direct follow backlink
C. Do follow D. None
60. What is the name of the backlink which is no direct reference to your site?
A. No follow B. No direct
C. Do follow D. None
61. Which is the most important statistic which measure the juice of the backlink?
A. Backlink count B. Backlink emerge
C. Page rank D. None
62. pagerank(pr) ranges from 1to----?
A. 20 B. 30
C. 40 D. 10
63. Adobe.com,apple.com,w3.org,usa.gov have highest(10) page rank in the world?
A. Only adobe B. Yes
C. No D. Only apple
64. Which browser add on tool gives all the important statistics of the webpage?
A. Seo quake B. Seo make
C. Seo take D. Seo shake
65. which of seoquake feature used to find total indexed pages of your website?
A. Page index B. Total index
C. Google index D. None
66. which feature of seoquake is useful to find the total number of backlinks of the perticular webpage?
A. Page links B. Page link
C. l(links) D. None
67. which feature of seoquake is useful to find the total number of backlinks of perticular website?
A. ld(link directory) B. Total links
C. Web links D. None
68. Which feature of seoquake useful to find the total indexed pages of your website in bing search engine?
A. Total bing B. BI(bing index)
C. Complete bing D. Complete bing index
69. By seeing the traffic range, which rank can be given to the website?
A. Number rank B. Global web rank
C. Alexa rank D. None
70. Which seoquake feature is useful to find the total number of backlinks from social bookmarking websites?
A. Social backlink B. Social network backlink
C. Deilicious D. None
71. Which seoquake feature is useful to find the information of the website owner?
A. Md info B. Boss info
C. Owner info D. Who is
72. From where we can get the complete seo report of perticular website?
A. Completeinfo.com B. Woorank.com
C. Woorank.org D. Completeinfo.org
73. How many predefined ways are there in seo to develop backlinks?
A. 7.5 B. 4
C. 10 D. 9
74. After backlink submission which concept help us to knock the doors of  search engines to index our website urls?
A. Knock backlink B. Index backlink
C. Pinging D. Index weblink
75. Which tool checks the on page optimisation spam activity?
A. Panda B. Pinguin
C. Humming bird D. Posa
76. Which tool checks the  off page optimisation spam activity?
A. Opos B. Pinguin
C. Tumming bird D. Landa
77. Keyword stuffing,cloking and hidden text are the --------------techniques of search engine optimisation?
A. Warned B. Inorganic
C. Blackhat D. Toxic
78. A website with php development is more seo friendly than wordpress website?
A. No B. Yes
C. Only for few websites D. None
79. Which is the no1 ecommerce company in the world?
A. Alibaba B. Flipkart
C. Ebay D. Amazon