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Computer awareness

Computer awareness on Photoshop

Questions and Answers on Photoshop

1. Who created adobe photoshop?
A. Mifgrey B. Thomas and John knoll
C. Philips joe D. Emorgan
2. When photoshop introduced?
A. 1988 B. 1987
C. 1989 D. 1986
3. Adobe photoshop code is written in which computer language?
A. C++ B. Pascal
C. Both D. None
4. Photoshop is professional--------------editing software?
A. Audio B. Image
C. Video D. None
5. How many photoshop tools are there?
A. 15 B. 10
C. 22 D. 8
6. What is the extension of adobe photoshop?
A. .Pho B. .Phd
C. .Psd D. .Ps
7. How many pluggins are there in adobe photoshop?
A. 3 B. 5
C. 7 D. 13
8. Which are useful to introduce flashy and eye catching graphics in photoshop?
A. Camera roll images B. Nice images
C. Gradients D. Photo graphics
9. Which layer contain pixel and vector based content in photoshop?
A. Smart object layer B. Smart layer
C. Fine layer D. Vector layer
10. How many versions of photoshop are released over the years?
A. 30 B. 10
C. 23 D. 25
11. Which is useful to preview the animation in another moniter in photoshop?
A. Ot preview B. Video preview
C. Mon preview D. None
12. What do you call unprocessed image in photoshop?
A. Camera raw format B. Base image
C. Camera raw image D. None
13. Which tool is useful to hide unwanted spots of our image in photoshop?
A. Mask tool B. Hide tool
C. Healing tool D. None
14. Which is useful to blur the borders of the image in photoshop?
A. Gradient B. Shade
C. Blur me D. Gaussian blur
15. How many lasso tools are available in photoshop?
A. 1 B. 2
C. 3 D. 4
16. Find the photoshop alternative in below list?
A. Jimp B. Pixelmator
C. Bocran D. Trecth
17. Which is useful for quick accessing and modification of photos in our journey?
A. Photshop elements13 B. Inst phos13
C. Journey pho13 D. Inst pho13
18. Which tool is useful for selecting the exact colour in photoshop?
A. Base col tool B. Eyedropper tool
C. Exact col tool D. None
19. The maximum pagerank of adobe photoshop is ----------?
A. 6 B. 8
C. 12 D. 10
20. Which software is useful to make 3d sphere?
A. Photoshop spin software B. Ani software
C. Pho3d software D. None