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Computer awareness

Computer awareness on Operating system

Questions and Answers on Operating system

1. Which is the first widely used operating system?
A. Outlook B. Windows
C. Pc-dos D. Pc-noms
2. When effective operating system was introduced?
A. 1985 B. 1980
C. 1988 D. 1986
3. Two level implementation separates -----------from policy in operating system?
A. Rules B. Mechanism
C. Procedure D. None
4. Which is useful to convert physical computer into virtual computer?
A. Operating system B. Program
C. Power D. Processer
5. Hardware and software characteristics can be boosted by --------------in computers?
A. Operating system B. Cables
C. Peripherals D. Slots
6. Time division and -------------division are the two characteristics of operating system?
A. Money B. Space
C. Peripherals D. Cost
7. Which of  the following operating system have hybrid kernal?
A. Dos B. Operating system X
C. Both D. None
8. How many programs can an uniprogramming system executes at a time?
A. Multi B. Two
C. One D. Ten
9. What is the name of the process between two systems?
A. Fine process B. Dual process
C. Interprocess D. None
10. How many schedulers are there in operating system?
A. 3 B. 6
C. 8 D. 2
11. What is the name of the time which there between submission and completion of the job in operating system?
A. Twicemode time B. Turnaround time
C. Access time D. None
12. Which loader is executed when system turnon and restarted with operating system?
A. Bootstrap loader B. Benq loader
C. Bind loader D. None
13. Apart from regular duties operating system cannot access?
A. Virus protection B. Malware detection
C. Both D. None
14. What is the name of the block which have data structure?
A. Data structure block B. Process control block
C. Both D. None
15. A running process cannot be disturbed by ------------ process in operating system?
A. Execute B. Ranmap
C. Schedular D. None
16. Semaphore is -------------tool in operating system?
A. Synchronization B. Find
C. Access D. None
17. Which is useful to differtiate many network services in operating systems?
A. Cables B. Grids
C. Port D. None
18. Which allows multiprogramming operating systems?
A. Drive scheduling
B. Time scheduling
C. Processer scheduling D. CPU scheduling
19. Which process of operating system is useful to increase cpu utilisation?
A. Separation
B. Scheduling
C. Sending D. Blocking
20. What is the name of the algorithm which first executes the job and result also comes first?
A. Fifo algorithm
B. First algorithm
C. Fast algorithm D. None
21. Which section is useful for the change and update of operations in operating system?
A. Acurate B. Criticle
C. Modify D. None
22. How many variables are required solve the criticle section in operating system?
A. 2 B. 4
C. 8 D. 5
23. Which is useful to find the available memory to load the program in os?
A. Logical algorithm B. Normal algorithm
C. Placement algorithm D. None
24. The first job of operating system in manage----------------?
A. Logics B. Actions
C. Commands D. Computer resources
25. Backup critical data is the------- step in operating system?
A. First B. Second
C. Third D. Fourth
26. What is the full form of  NTFS?
A. Nice Technology File System B. Never Try False System
C. New Technology File System D. None
27. Which organisation system avoids deadlock algorithm?
A. Government B. Softwate
C. Hospitals D. Banks
28. System call is nothing but request and ---------- of resources in cpu?
A. Cancel B. Transport
C. Release D. All
29. Program counter is useful for -------to fetch the instruction from memory?
A. Moniter B. Grids
C. Proceser D. Cpu
30. A new page table is created for-------operation in operating system?
A. Every B. Each
C. Both D. None
31. Which code comes and goes according to our requirement in operating system?
A. Transient operating system code B. Logic code
C. Gain code D. System code
32. Networking is a part of operating system?
A. Sometimes B. No
C. Yes D. None
33. Transfering a process from memory to disk is called-----------?
A. Swapping B. Transfering
C. Replacing D. Posting
34. What is the full form of SMP?
A. Systamatic Multy Processing B. Senior Multy Processing
C. Symmetric Multy Procesing D. Second Multy Processing
35. Which is useful to control the accessing part in operating system?
A. Access control B. Semaphore
C. Access node D. Access glam
36. What is the name of the time which is used to stop one process and start another?
A. Dispance latency B. Time crowl
C. Time raby D. Time credit
37. High paging activity in operating system is called as---------?
A. Osc B. Aph
C. Hipage D. Thrashing
38. How many segments are there in installing the operating system?
A. 20 B. 23
C. 15 D. 10
39. What is the name given for combining multuple same memory holes into big memory hole?
A. Memory merge B. Memory mix
C. Memory copy D. Compaction
40. In operating system the bundles of memory is called as-----------?
A. Frame B. Big memory
C. Group memory D. None