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Computer awareness

Computer awareness on Ms-Word

Questions and Answers on Ms-Word

1. In which year microsoft word introduced?
A. 1983 B. 1987
C. 1985 D. 1989
2. How many maximum columns can ms-word document contains?
A. 47 B. 45
C. 20 D. 55
3. What is the smallest font size in ms-word font tool?
A. 4 B. 8
C. 2 D. 15
4. What is the largest font size in ms-word font tool?
A. 72 B. 78
C. 82 D. 75
5. Charecters and symbols can be recognise by which command in ms-word?
A. Char B. Recog
C. Find D. None
6. In ms-word borders can be applied to cells,paragraph and text?
A. Yes B. No
C. Only few times D. Only for cells
7. What is the margin name which is there at the binding side of the ms-word document?
A. Double line margin B. Blank margin
C. Gutter margin D. None
8. In which mode background colour and special effects of ms-word document are not visible?
A. Print sector B. Print generate
C. Print overview D. Print preview
9. What is the shortcut key to click to goto a new line in ms-word document?
A. Enter B. Scroll down
C. Backspace D. Pagedown
10. Which toolbar changes the font and its sizes in ms-word document?
A. Normal B. Format 
C. Drive D. None
11. Which sub menu is useful to change character size in ms-word document?
A. Save B. Format 
C. Nav D. Print
12. From where we can get graphics for ms-word document?
A. Clipart B. Special graphic mode
C. Saved graphics D. None
13. Where can we see the statistics of a word document?
A. Tools-word stat B. Tools-graph
C. Tools-wordcount D. None
14. Ms-word uses visual basic to create-----------?
A. Special effects B. Macros
C. Graphics D. None
15. Which shortcut key is useful to create a copyright symbol in ms-word document?
A. Alt+Ctrl+c B. Ctrl+p
C. Ctrl+n D. Alt+p
16. Which shortcut key is useful to close the live window in ms-word?
A. Ctrl+c B. Ctrl+z
C. Ctrl+k D. Ctrl+w
17. F7 is useful to --------------in ms-word?
A. Save the text B. Check the spelling
C. Save the photo D. None
18. Which shortcut key is useful to delete the selected item permanantly without keeping it in recycle bin is-----------?
A. Delete B. Alt+delete
C. Shift+delete D. Ctrl+delete
19. What is the maximum font size available in ms-word document?
A. 1683 B. 1638
C. 1668 D. 1686
20. What is the extention of word document?
A. .docx B. .docc
C. .docn D. .donc
21. What we have to do to select a sentence in ms-word document?
A. Two times pressing f7 B. 3 times pressing f8
C. Onetime pressing f6 D. None
22. Which shortcut key is useful to insert code's braces to ms-word document?
A. Ctrl+f9 B. Ctrl+f7
C. Ctrl+f3 D. Ctrl+f10
23. Ctrl+f12 is useful to open a ------------box in ms-word document?
A. Number B. Text
C. Optional D. Dialog
24. We can insert a sound file in ms-word document?
A. No B. Yes
C. Sometimes D. Never
25. Which tool is useful for spelling suggestions in ms-word document?
A. Honey bee B. Spell
C. Thesaurus D. None
26. Which is used to find mis-splelled words in ms-word document?
A. Miscorrect B. Correct
C. Cormis D. Auto correct
27. Data source consists -----------list in ms-word document?
A. Actual B. Mailing
C. Number D. Future
28. Which is useful for magnification of the document in ms-word?
A. Zoom B. Magnify
C. Magnify+ D. Magnify-
29. Which is useful for updating the field in ms-word document?
A. f7 B. f5
C. f1 D. f9
30. Using keyboard how can you increase the font size in ms-word document?
A. Ctrl+# B. Ctrl+0
C. Ctrl+] D. None
31. Which toolbar consists painter toolbar in ms-word document?
A. Standard toolbar B. Navigate toolbar
C. Paint toolbar D. Pana toolbar
32. Hyperlinks used to--------------navigation in ms-word?
A. Files B. Documents
C. Pictures D. Animations
33. Track change is used to------------the document changes in ms-word?
A. See B. Find
C. Visualize D. Moniter
34. How many documents can you open in ms-word?
A. Unlimited documents B. Ten documents
C. Twenty documents D. Hundred documents
35. Which shortcut key is useful to make the text bold in ms-word document?
A. Ctrl+n B. Ctrl+p
C. Ctrl+b D. Ctrl+k
36. Which short cut key is useful to make the alignment to center in ms-word document?
A. Ctrl+l B. Ctrl+e
C. Alt+e D. Alt+b
37. Page setup dailog box is useful to change the ------------alignment in ms-word document?
A. Forward B. Straight
C. Vertical D. None
38. Where can we choose symbols in ms-word document?
A. In symbol menu B. In insert menu
C. In file menu D. None
39. In which menu page number option is there in ms-word document?
A. Page B. Number
C. Insert D. None
40. Which feature in word is useful to adjust spaces between characters?
A. Char kern B. Auto
C. kerning D. None