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Computer awareness

Computer awareness on Ms-Powerpoint

Questions and Answers on Ms-Powerpoint

1. When Powerpoint introduced?
A. 1991 B. 1990
C. 1992 D. 1999
2. Which files are useful to give sound effects ms-powerpoint?
A. Wav and Mid file B. Abc and Cba files
C. Both D. None
3. What is useful to get same style to our entire power point presentation?
A. Same borders B. Same width pages
C. Same length pages D. Design template
4. What action is required to edit the powerpoint chart?
A. Copy chart B. Select chart
C. Double click D. None
5. Which key is useful to select hyperlinks in powerpoint?
A. Insert B. Tab
C. Alt D. Shift
6. Which are useful to include special effects to powerpoint presentation?
A. Transitions B. Enorms
C. Transmodes D. Dorinsacts
7. Slide sorter view is good for adding ----------------to powerpoint slide?
A. Slide transition B. Slide photos
C. Slide pages D. Slide visuals
8. By default howmany text layouts are present in powerpoint?
A. 2 B. 4
C. 8 D. 1
9. Which is useful to change only the colour of objects in powerpoint?
A. Color manna B. Color tria
C. Color obj D. Color scheme
10. Which is useful to add motions to the objects in powerpoint presentation?
A. Motion scheme B. Move scheme
C. Animation scheme D. None
11. Apart from slide layout what other feature is there in format menu?
A. Slide design B. Slide corrupt
C. Both D. None
12. How can we add a chart to the powerpoint presentation?
A. Picture-chart B. Insert-picture-chart
C. File-chart D. Edit-picture-chart
13. F5 key is useful to--------slide in powerpoint presentation?
A. View B. Connect
C. Draw D. Cancel
14. By selecting ----------view we can add speaker comments to the powerpoint presentation?
A. Speaker B. Notes page
C. Content D. Second
15. How can we give custom timings to the slides in powerpoint?
A. Retime B. Present time
C. Actual time D. Rehearse
16. Which fonts are much useful for largetext and headlines in powerpoint presentation?
A. Futura B. Bookman
C. Serif font D. Areal font
17. Which key is useful to insert new slide in live presentation?
A. Ctrl+m B. Ctrl+n
C. Ctrl+p D. Ctrl+u
18. Duplicate slide will give -----------copy of powerpoint presentation?
A. New B. Old
C. Another D. None
19. Clipart, From Files, AutoShapes are present in which menu of powerpoint?
A. Shadow B. Picture
C. File D. Sort
20. Elipse motion is ----------scheme in powerpoint presentation?
A. Animation B. Round
C. Logical D. Power
21. Which key is useful to check spelling in powerpoint presentation?
A. F7 B. F4
C. F9 D. F1
22. What will happen if we click on slideshow icon in powerpoint presentation?
A. Move slideshow B. Jumble slideshow
C. Starts slide show D. Pause slideshow
23. What is the maximum zoomimg percentage in powerpoint?
A. 1000% B. 400%
C. 200% D. 250%
24. In which slide of  powerpoint, numbers and text can be presented effectively?
A. Table slide B. Page slide
C. Graph slide D. None
25. Which feature is useful while typing notes in text box?
A. Enlarge B. Edit
C. Zoom D. None
26. What is the default page setup orientation on powerpoint?
A. Potrait B. Landscape
C. Both D. None
27. Where we have to add our logo to show it in the same place of our slide in powerpoint?
A. Slide master B. Slide navigator
C. Slide photo D. None
28. Which command is useful to come to the first page of your powerpoint presentation?
A. Ctrl+start B. Ctrl+1
C. Ctrl+first D. Ctrl+home
29. In which view outline tab is useful to display the content of each slide in powerpoint presentation?
A. Fine B. Normal
C. Extra D. Edit
30. With which extension powerpoint design templates are stored in a file?
A. .pon B. .pwr
C. .des D. .pot
31. How can we select multiple slides of  your powerpoint presentation?
A. Ctrl+drag slide B. Ctrl+select slide
C. Ctrl+copy D. None
32. Which is the key useful to insert hyperlink into powerpoint slide?
A. Ctrl+k B. Ctrl+i
C. Ctrl+f D. None
33. Slide transitions can be modified using --------------in powerpoint presentation?
A. Slide modi B. Slide norm
C. Slide master D. Slide norm
34. Where can we find printed copy of our presentation?
A. Audience handouts B. Print cop
C. Print vamb D. Print outs
35. What are custom motion paths include?
A. Curve B. Scribble
C. Lines D. All
36. Word clipart is the perfect place to get ----------images to our powerpoint presentation?
A. Glossy B. Animated
C. Small D. Web
37. Every command of powerpoint presentation will be visible in ---------------?
A. Tittle bar B. Command bar
C. Menu bar D. None
38. Which wizard is useful to know whether powerpoint is installed  to your computer or not?
A. Use and go B. See and go
C. Safe and go D. Pack and go
39. Outline view displays only ----------in powerpoint presentation?
A. Numbers B. Text
C. Pictures D. Formulas
40. Which tool is useful to add shapes to our slide in powerpoint presentation?
A. Auto shape tool B. Shape tool
C. Picture tool D. Image tool