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Computer awareness

Computer awareness on Ms-excel

Questions and Answers on Ms-Excel

1. In which year Ms-excel introduced?
A. 1985 B. 1987
C. 1989 D. 1995
2. Celltip is useful to put --------------in Ms-excel?
A. Commands B. Numbers
C. Comments D. Special symbols
3. Insert command is useful add ------------to cell in Ms-excel?
A. Comments  B. Numbers
C. Data D. Special symbols
4. Referencing is useful to collect ---------from other spread sheet ?
A. Comments  B. Numbers
C. Functions D. Data
5. In Ms-excel which is useful to indicate Numaric value into Label value?
A. Comma(,) B. Plus(+)
C. Apostrophe(') D. And(&)
6. Which bar is useful to enter formulas and values into Ms-excel?
A. Number bar B. Formula bar
C. Special bar D. None of the above
7. With which formula, multiple calculations can be inserted into single formula?
A. Array formula B. String formula
C. Multiple formula D. None 
8. Which is useful to start every formula in Ms-excel?
A. Plus(+) B. Doller($)
C. And(&) D. Equels to(=)
9. A dark wide border is useful to indicate-----------in Ms-excel sheet?
A. Number cell B. Active cell
C. Special cell D. Data cell
10. What can we see by positioning the mouse point over cell in Ms-excel?
A. Comment of the cell B. Number of the cell
C. Total of the cell D. None
11. Which shortcut keyword is useful to create a chart from selected cell?
A. F12 B. F11
C. F8 D. F2
12. Which is useful to create and edit formulas in Ms-excel spread sheet?
A. Formula palette B. Formula edit
C. Formula cre D. Formula num
13. Ms-excel spread sheet contains--------?
A. Boxes B. Lines
C. Numbers D. Columns and Rows
14. Open button on standard toolbar is useful to open -----------in Ms-excel?
A. Formula B. Cell
C. Workbook D. Calculation
15. Which tool is useful to add large amount data in Ms-excel?
A. Auto add B. Auto sum
C. Add plus D. Add com
16. Which command is useful to arrange data into ascending and descending order?
A. Ascend B. Descend
C. Arrange D. Sort
17. Which command is useful to display present date and time in Ms-excel?
A. Present() B. Dtdy()
C. Now() D. None
18. Ctrl+spacebar command is useful to ----------column data in Ms-excel spreadsheet?
A. Delete B. Write
C. Read D. Highlight
19. Where can we find current cell address in Ms-excel?
A. Name box B. Cell box
C. Add box D. Find box
20. Which is useful to convert Ms-excel data into Html document?
A. Html convert B. Internet assist wizard
C. Data convert D. None
21. Which action is useful to display row data into column, and vice-varsa?
A. Transpose B. Display data
C. Change data D. Interchange
22. Visual basic is useful to display ----------in Ms excel?
A. Photos B. Numbers
C. Macros D. Micros
23. To check spelling in Ms-excel worksheet which key is useful?
A. F7 B. F1
C. F8 D. F9
24. Which of the following is not possible in excel sheet?
A. Page edit B. Page border
C. Page copy D. Page alter
25. Which function is useful to find related records in Excel-sheet?
A. Vbackup B. Vrelate
C. Vfunction D. Vlookup
26. The formula bar consists enter and ----------buttons in Excel sheet?
A. Post B. Re-enter
C. Cancel D. All
27. What we can call the function which is having another function in it?
A. Holding function B. Inside function
C. Nested function D. None of the above
28. Which function contains name of each record in Excel worksheet?
A. Legend B. Aled
C. Afunc D. Awork
29. Give the example of a formula in Excel worksheet?
A. a4+a5 B. A4+A5
C. =a4+a5 D. None
30. Which key is useful for not entering data into cell of a worksheet?
A. Tab B. Esc
C. F4 D. F1
31. Which function is useful to count total number of characters in cell of  a worksheet?
32. Which shortcut is useful to enter current date in cell of a worksheet?
A. Ctrl& B. Ctrl8
C. Ctrl_ D. Ctrl+
33. Which shortcut is useful to edit the selected cell of Ms-excel worksheet?
A. F1 B. F2
C. F5 D. F8
34. Which function is useful to apply styles to Ms-excel sheet ?
A. Auto format B. Style format
C. For style D. None
35. Which box is there at the left of the formula bar in Ms-excel worksheet?
A. Number box B. Name box
C. Total box D. Char box
36. Which shortcut key is useful to hide entire column in Ms-excel worksheet
A. ctrl+0 B. Ctrl=0
C. Ctrl*del D. Ctrl+$
37. Which key is useful to delete contents in ms-excel worksheet?
A. Space B. Delete
C. Remove D. Tab
38. Which indicators does formulabar consists in ms-excel worksheet?
A. Run indicators B. Sample indicators
C. Status indicators D. Program indicators
39. Which feature is useful to work on record at a time in ms-excel worksheet?
A. Feature con B. Record one
C. Data form D. None
40. Which feature is useful to copy one cell format to another cell in ms-excel worksheet?
A. Format painter B. Format copy
C. Format give D. Format cell