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Computer awareness

Computer awareness on Internet

Questions and Answers on Internet

1. Who was the father of internet?
A. Mark serb B. Vint cerf
C. William arthor D. Will donne
2. What is the full form of LAN?
A. Local Area Network B. Logical Area Network
C. Large Area Network D. Limited Area Network
3. What is the full form of WAN?
A. Wise Area Network B. Wonder Area Network
C. Wide Area Network D. Win Area Network
4. Which ip address is 128bit long?
5. ARPANET is the first network to implement -----------?
6. What is the use of copy flash tftp?
A. IOS reading B. IOS backup
C. IOS storing D. None of the above
7. What is useful for NCP to identify network layer protocol?
C. PPP1 D. P1P
8. FTP protocol is useful?
A. Merge files in host B. Copy files from host
C. Transfer files from one host to another host D. None of the above
9. Which family protocol is used in LAN?
A. Prothernet B. Ethernet
C. Both D. None of the above
10. Which is useful in tele communications?
A. Twisted pairs B. Cables
C. Silicon fibre D. None
11. For two different networks howmany rot bridges required?
A. 4 B. 8
C. 2 D. 1
12. Which system is used for processing data in internet?
A. Logical B. Binary
C. Alphanumaric D. None of the above
13. Transmitting and receiving will be called as?
A. Simplex B. Duplex
C. Nimlex D. None of the above
14. Telephone is the example of ------------?
A. Duplex B. Simplex
C. Timplex D. None of the above
15. What exactly protocol will do in data communication?
A. Switch data B. Data transfers
C. Governs data D. All the above
16. Bandwidth is the combination of --------------in internet?
A. Signals B. Frequencies
C. Both D. None of the above
17. Which will protect complete IP packet?
A. Tunnel mode Ipsec B. One mode Ipsec
C. Both D. None of the above
18. Which will usefull in wi-fi security?
A. Wpa6 B. Wpa3
C. Wpa4 D. Wpa2 
19. Which is useful in email security?
A. Email ebose B. Pretty good privacy(pgp)
C. Email cnfig D. None of the above
20. What will be the example of personal area network?
A. Iphone B. Computer
C. Bluetooth D. All
21. Which is useful forward packets between networks
A. Router B. Cable
C. Lan D. None of the above
22. How many bytes address will host consist?
A. 6bytes B. 8bytes
C. 4bytes D. All above
23. In internet TCP and UDP used in which protocol?
A. Single layer protocol B. Top layer protocol
C. Transport layer protocol D. None of the above
24. Http protocol will be used to --------------?
A. Display the webpage B. Copy webpage
C. Both D. None of the above
25. A mac address consists how many bits?
A. 24bits B. 48bits
C. 64bits D. All
26. The maximum size of playload field is?
A. 12000bits B. 1000bits
C. 1024bits D. None of the above
27. 2.4ghz is not used in ----------communication?
A. Webinc B. Webmax
C. Wimax D. None of the above
28. Which country has highest internet users?
A. Japan B. Usa
C. India D. China
29. Which country has fastest internet?
A. South korea B. North korea
C. Japan D. America
30. Which country has 2nd highest internet users?
A. India B. USA
C. Japan D. Australia
31. In which year internet came to india?
A. 1998 B. 1997
C. 1995 D. 1996
32. In which country internet business is growing fast?
33. Worlds largest internet service provider?
A. Comcast B. Pomcast
C. Tomcast D. Vancast
34. How much AMAZON turnover per second?
A. 2000USD B. 1000USD
C. 120USD D. 1100USD
35. The average internet speed in India?
A. 300kbps B. 156kbps
C. 256kbps D. None of the above
36. Which country had highest censor on internet?
A. North korea B. South korea
C. India D. Usa
37. The first internet browser inthe world?
A. Google Chrome B. Internet Explorer
C. Opera D. World wide web(Nexus)
38. Which is the highest using browser?
A. Google Chrome B. Internet Explorer
C. Opera D. None of the above
39. Which is the top language used through internet?
A. Chinese B. Hindi
C. French D. English
40. Highest internet speed in the world?
A. 15.4mbps B. 15.4kbps
C. 16mbps D. 16.4kbps