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1. Who invented computer?
A. Henry bob B. S.william
C. Charles babbage D. Bill gates
2. What are the two major units in CPU?
C. CU,ALU D. None
3. Which components help CPU to access the data quickly?
A. Ram B. Registers
C. Electronic cabels D. Smps
4. In which form data can be stored in Computer?
A. Numbers B. Alphabets
C. Folders D. Bits and Bytes
5. Which holds all the circuits of the CPU?
A. Motherboard B. Keyboard
C. Ram D. Processer
6. What is the use of Coding schemes in a computer?
A. Calculating data B. Collecting data
C. Exchanging data D. Checking data
7. Which component supplies data between CPU and MEMORY?
A. Ram B. System bus
C. Processer D. Above all
8. RISC stands for?
A. Reduced Instruction Set Computing B. Rise Interface Selecting Channel
C. Ram Instruction Source Code D. None of the above
9. What is the name of basic computer operation?
A. Logical operation B. Arithmatic operation
C. Both a and b D. None of the two
10. Microprocessors belongs to which computer generation?
A. First generation B. Second generation
C. Third generation D. Fourth generation
11. CPU is the ----------of the computer?
A. Heart  B. Low cost item
C. Brain D. None of the above
12. Integrated circuits belongs to which generation computers?
A. First generation B. Second generation
C. Third generation D. Fourth generation
13. Mainframe computers use howmany bit code?
A. 8-bit B. 4-bit
C. 16-bit D. None
14. Which unit of computer responds control section commands?
15. Vacuum Tubes and Valves are the chief components of which generation computers?
A. First generation B. Second generation
C. Third generation D. Fourth generation
16. Dot per inch is the measuring tool of a-----------?
A. Led board B. Camera
C. Printer D. None of the above
17. Which of the following storage devices can store maximum amount of data?
A. Floppy Disk B. Hard Disk
C. Compact Disk D. Magneto Optic Disk
18. In which year vacume tube invented?
A. 1906 B. 1908
C. 1910 D. 1901
19. Which country developed the digital computer first?
20. Computing Tabulating Recording Co is the old name of  which company?
21. The first mechanical calculator is ----------?
A. Abacus B. Abascus
C. Notulator D. Sementicator
22. Semiconductors used to manufacture----------?
A. Motherboard  B. Ram
C. Computer chips D. None of the above
23. Which is the coming generation of computer?
A. Fourth generation B. Fifth generation
C. Sixth generation D. None of the above
24. When was EPSON,the first laptop computer introduced?
A. 1982 B. 1985
C. 1987 D. 1981
25. In third generation which was loaded into computers?
A. Operating system B. Internet
C. Video chatting D. Data transfer
26. In 1614 who invented logarithm?
A. John napier B. John elvado
C. Bob vien D. Rex moghan
27. Pascaline invented in which year?
A. 1706 B. 1647
C. 1642 D. 1612
28. 1024 megabytes equels to ----------?
A. 1024 hexabytes B. 1024 kilobytes
C. 1024 bytes D. GigaByte
29. Byte is the combination of -----------bits?
A. 16 B. 8
C. 24 D. 32
30. In 1937, who concived analytical engine?
A. Charles Babbage B. Mike henry
C. Adal kennedy D. Charles home
31. The word BIOS stands for----------?
A. Base input output system B. Best input output symbol
C. Basic Input Output System D. None of the above
32. Which of the following is  Second Generation Computer?
A. IBM 1401 B. IBM1404
C. IBM1406 D. IBM1410
33. The diameter of the Floppy disk drive is----------?
A. 2 B. 4
C. 7 D. 5.25
34. In a computer Flip flop stores----------?
A. Single byte memory B. Single bit memory
C. Kilobyte memory D. Megabyte memory
35. Which company invented personal company industry?
36. Find the low level languages in below list?
C. PASCAL D. Assembly Languages
37. In which generation keyboards and moniters developed?
A. Second generation B. Third generation
C. First generation D. Fourth generation
38. Which is the programming language developed in second generation?
39. Find the problem oriented language in below list?
A. COBOL B. Low level language
C. System language D. High level language
40. Who invented Symbolic logic ?
A. Charles babbage B. George Boole
C. Nyke vegas D. George voole
41. How many times you can paste the copied content?
A. 6 B. 10
C. 100 D. Many
42. Harddisc is coated with -----------?
A. Selenium B. Magnetic metallic oxide
C. Nitrozen layer D. Silver corbide
43. What is the first super computer of India?
A. Param B. Indrim
C. Incomp D. Paran
44. Which bit number counts 7bit code?
A. 156 B. 1204
C. 128 D. 256
45. Which device is used to convert digital signals to analog signals?
A. Pendrive B. Modem
C. Floppy disk D. Mother board
46. Which law is useful to measure computer performance?
A. Groove's law B. Mitchel'law
C. Boone'law D. Moore's first law
47. Full form of HTTP is--------?
A. Hyper text transfer protocol B. Hyper text transport protocol
C. High text transfer protocol D. Hyper text transfer prot
48. Full form of GUI is ---------?
A. Genuine user interface B. Graphical user interface
C. Graphic user interface D. Graphical utility interface
49. Full form of  FPI is---------?
A. Find protocol in B. First pen interface
C. Frames per inch D. Foreign performance in
50. What is the period of First generation computers?
A. 1949-1960 B. 1944-1958
C. 1942-1954 D. 1940-1956
51. What is the period of second generation computers?
A. 1956-1965 B. 1956-1967
C. 1956-1963 D. 1956-1962
52. What is the period of third generation computers?
A. 1964-1975 B. 1964-1972
C. 1964-1970 D. 1964-1977
53. What is the period of fourth generation computers?
A. 1975-2008 B. 1975-1990
C. 1975-1988 D. 1975-2000
54. A bit or a byte is a combination of?
A. Alphabet and Numaric B. @ and 1
C. 0 and 1 D. None of the above
55. In which generation computers VERY LARGE SCALE TECHNOLOGY(VLSI) is used?
A. First generation B. Second generation
C. Fifth generation D. Fourth generation
56. To detect error which is used?
A. Proxy bit B. Parity bit
C. 24bit D. 1024bit
57. RAM can be defined as?
A. Random access memory B. Rarely accessing memory
C. Read another memory D. none of the above
58. ROM can be defined as?
A. Random only memory B. Read only memory
C. Both D. none of the above
59. 1024 bytes equels to?
A. Tera byte B. Giga byte
C. Mega byte D. Kilo byte
60. What operations can ROM can perform?
A. Remember B. Perform
C. Access D. Read
61. In computer which is used to store information?
A. Moniter B. Disk drive
C. Processer D. Ram
62. Transforming input data into output data is done in ---------?
A. CPU B. Processer
C. Memory unit D. Moniter
63. Which input device is useful to work on Disc operating system(DOS)?
A. Optical mouse B. Pendrive
C. Keyboard D. Cd-drive
64. Full form of MBR is ?
A. Main boot record B. Main base record
C. Memory build router D. Master boot record
65. What is the use of mainframe computer?
A. Store less amount of data  B. Store large amount of data
C. Store only tech data D. None of the above
66. Term used to define excess of internal data?
A. Overflow B. Overstack
C. Overbinload D. Overcarry
67. Which application can be performed by PASCAL?
A. Government B. Banking
C. Non-commercial D. Commercial
68. Which is useful for displaying of data in the computer?
A. Harddisk B. Monitor
C. Keyboard D. None of the above
69. Who invented BIOS?
A. Barry jones B. Alit monge
C. Bobbage D. Gary kildall
70. What one can perform using debugging?
A. Can check errors B. Can correct errors
C. Can store errors D. Can hide errors
71. Combination of integrated circuits is known as----------?
A. Processor B. Smps
C. Motherboard D. Hard disk drive
72. When did the actual BASIC language was designed?
A. 1966 B. 1962
C. 1968 D. 1964
73. To which cache memory will be connected?
A. Keyboard B. Motherboard
C. Both D. None of the above
74. What is the defination of  MMU?
A. Main memory unit B. Main master use
C. More memory unit D. None of the above
75. Which peripheral is used to direct traffic?
A. Hub B. Mother board cables
C. Hard disk D. Router
76. How can we measure resolution of the printer?
A. Dot per inch(DPI) B. Inches
C. Pixel D. None of the above
77. How many types of softwares available in the market?
A. 4 B. 6
C. 2 D. 3
78. Network interface card(NIC) is also known as-------?
A. Power cable B. Lancard
C. Circuit cable D. Chip cable
79. Where did the present opened document stored?
A. Processer B. Rom
C. Ram D. All the above
80. PRTSCR is used for which purpose?
A. Capture the photo B. Capture the screen
C. Both D. None of the above