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We cannot imagine life without computers.Especially in India basic computer knowledge helped lakhs of students to build their beautiful career.Today computers have many features because of huge research.Mydearstudent is not going to teach different computer languages but it will provide basic computer knowledge to learn advanced techniques.Basic computer knowledge provide the required knowledge for any student to understand many computer based languages and other.computer awareness programs easily.School and college going students must have effective computer skills to make their career bright.Details about Ms-ffice,internet,programming languages and social bookmarking features and many more are compulsary for modern student to clear any interview.

                   To participate in Online computer test Commands,shortcuts are needed to executite perticular task and different time saving features are discussed in Mydearstudent.Students must recognise the importance of computer gk in early stages of their life otherwise this competition world will give tuff tasks to reach your education goals.Every student should be familiar with all basic computer skills to perform better while working or studying.Schools and colleges in India included computer fundamentals as a academic subject to improvise the talent of their students.Editing pdf files,photoshop skills,powerpoint presentation and email knowledge should be there for every person to work in good organisations. 
                Mydearstudent included computer knowledge questions to encourage the students to improve effective computer knowledge.Students are getting many benefits through learning basic computer skills but on the other hand they are learning many bad activities through this computer knowledge.Some students are hacking other student personals,sending false mails,morphing photos and doing some society harming things through internet.One can spend his/her time in internet to learn bad or good things but goodthing learner will be appreciated and bad things learner will be punished later.Parents should take effective responsibility on their children while spending time in internet.Cyber crimes are happening on daily basis so Mydearstudent request every student to use basic computer knowledge for good cause.