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Aptitude questions are useful to improve our analitical and problem solving skills.This was introduced to the students because to judge their rememberence,fastness and accuracy.Aptitude test questions are answered first in every competitive exam.CAT,XAT,MAT,GMAT,ICET,GROUPS,lic,gic,upsc,bank and almost all other competitive exams.have aptitude test questions.Actually every student follows the syllabus to write his/her acadamic exam,here they dont need fast answering only accuracy is needed.When the same student attend any career aptitude test he/she should be accurate and fast answering is compulsary.In past student faced lot of problems in this but now the problem is overcomed by using many ways.Aptitude test papers has questions from different topics.Permutations and combinations,probability,geometri,mensuration,statistics,algebra and arithmetic are the compulsary topics in any aptitude test.Every student knows all above topics but to attend a Job aptitude test he/she must follow some techniques.Always answer of a aptitude question should be 100% correct otherwise student cannot score marks.

          Every student should follow few techniques in aptitude preparation.one should always have a recollecting capacity of previous experience of aptitude topics.Student must follow basic fundamentals to solve a aptitude question.Formulas and theory of  general aptitude will only answers our aptitude questions,so dont neglect those.A healthy aptitude preparation  is very much usefull to solve our aptitude questions.Dont assume that we are perfect in every topic, if we got good marks in perticular Job aptitude test.when ever you are practicing a aptitude test questions paper always cover topic wise. Knowledge about negative marking,time period allotted,question understanding capacity and part marking must be there for every aptitude questions solver.

              Mydearstudent is a internet book for every student to practice aptitude accurately and effectively.Recently conducted aptitude questions and answers from various companies will be collected here. mydearstudent team always focus on furnishing the aptitude questions and answers which are useful to a student to clear his/her competitive exam with high marks. Every student should spare quality time daily in mydearstudent to practice aptitude questions and answers to overcome his/her future or present competitive exams.Mydearstudent also conducting free online aptitude test for students to test their knowledge before real exam. So please use our services to make your bright future.